Panel Discussion on the Liberal Arts

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
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Meeting / Conference
Linda Gehron
College of Arts and Sciences

Dollars and Sense: The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

Higher Education is in crisis. Or is it really?

College degrees are turning out baristas. Or are they really?

Join us for a lively panel discussion about the real value of Higher Education today featuring:


·         Dr. Bento Lobo on the Cost of Education


·         Dr. Marcia Noe on How Literary Studies Can Help Us Do Life


·         Dr. Carl Springer on Timelessness in the Humanities


·         Dr. Joe Wilferth on Liberal Education as Ideal Career Preparation


Moderated by Dr. David Pleins,  Walker Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty Felllow


Are you a student wondering if the investment in a college degree will pay off?

Are you a professor wondering how to make the case in the classroom?

Are you an advisor wondering how to convince students?

Join us for a lively panel discussion!  

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