Monte Coulter Faculty Recital: Chrononomy Pt 1

Saturday, January 20, 2018
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
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Sue Carroll

Details: Chrononomy comes from Stravinsky’s lectures at Harvard titled, “The Poetics of Music.” He describes chrononomy with, “Music presupposes before all else a certain organization in time, a chrononomy...”

The program is a mixture of old and new. With pieces familiar to the Roland Hayes stage as well as new works added to Coulter's repertoire.

 Some of the works to be performed include:

“Therapy for Solo Percussionist” Each movement of John Serry’s work expresses a stage of psychotherapy: Anxieties, Fantasies and Aggressions. “This piece is among the most perfectly descriptive programmatic works for percussion I have ever seen,” Coulter says. 

 “Vertical River” Composed by Blake Tyson to commemorate a particularly harrowing whitewater rafting trip. Coulter’s former student joins to perform this duet. 

“Fernando’s Waltz” Paul Smadbeck’s recital length work for solo marimba.

“Blade” an “amazing exploration” of 4:3 polyrhythm composed by Benjamin Finley for four drums and three non-resonant metals of the performer’s choosing.

“I am particularly excited to play an original work, “Dancer, for solo vibraphone and congas,” Coulter explains, “which I will perform with my son, Monte Coulter IV.  Dancer was composed for piano, and “re-imagined” for vibes and hand percussion, and received its premier in this same Hayes concert hall with John Lawless, Congas, and Scott Turnbow, percussion.”

Guest artists include: Monte Coulter IV, congas; Drew Daniels, Marimba; Jenny Parker, piano

Dr. Monte Coulter and Marimba Mallets
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This event is free and open to the public.

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